Lead Mould

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No.23, Chaoyuan Road,
Xinqian Industrial Park, Huangyan District, Taizhou, Zhejiang


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Taizhou Huangyan Lead Mould Limited Company is situated in Huangyan of Taizhou City of Zhejiang Province. Huangyan is a dsitrict next to sea,the township of Chinese mould and Chinese honey orange,and its traffic is very convenient and fast.

  The company environment is beautiful and the technology force is abundant.It is specialized in developing and producing several kinds of moulds and its main products are plastic mould of refrigrators,iceboxs,air conditions,washing mashines,color TV,automobiles,pipefittings and commodities.Our company imports international advanced CAD/CAE/CAM system software,high-accurate numeriacl control processing center,adn computer plastional or and test instrument. And we bring in a large number of professional technicians and managers as well.Thus we process the perfect mange system of production and quality,and serve customer's trust.The amount of production and sales,specification and technological level are in the leading place in the same trade.

  The moulds that our company produces are exported to foreign countries in Africa,the middle East and Southest Asia.China Xingxing group,Midea Company,Tcl Group and Changling Group are our main cooperators at home.We are highly prasied by customers.Depending on powerful mould design and exploitation strength,we have placed a good basis for the exploitation and development of plastic product enterprises.

  The lead Company works hard continuously climbs the peak.Now we have Lead heat Treatnment Factory and lead Azozitation Factory these two branches.We have achieved great development in production,market promotion and technology service and have gained a new spendor.

  The Lead Company is technology leaded and quality centered,and meets user's demands with excellent servicer and reasonable price.We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign cooperators and fellow tradees to review and give directions!

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